About Us


Julie Brain

Dental Hygienist


Angela Zoror

Practice Administrator

Who We Are

LaRue Family Dental is a family dentistry practice in Pittsburgh, PA.

For more than 37 years, we’ve kept our patients happy and their smiles healthy. We offer a wide array of general dentistry services for fair fees, and we can quickly take patients in whenever an emergency arises.

Because our practice is small, you see the same familiar faces every time you visit. Our caring staff builds friendships with our patients, treating them with personalized attention. You can always count on quality care and honesty at our dental center.

The office opened 37 years ago in its present Squirrel Hill location. After practicing in Ohio for several years, Dr. LaRue , who graduated from West Virginia University School of Dentistry in 2007, purchased the office in 2013.

Why Choose Us

At LaRue Family Dental, we want to be your first choice for all of your dental concerns. We offer a wide range of dental services to address your every dental need.

Dr. LaRue can provide you with exceptional cosmetic dentistry choices. He is known among his patients for his individualized attention and “teamwork” mentality.

Dr. LaRue works with patients to improve their oral health, proposing, but never forcing general and cosmetic dental work that is needed. This quality has quickly gained the trust of many patients seeking cosmetic and general dental services.

The staff at LaRue Family Dental is integral to our customer service. Each member has been professionally trained and is experienced in the dental field. From the warm smile of Jenn, our practice manager, to the gentle, caring touch of Julie, our dental hygienist, our staff will exceed your expectations. We understand the hesitation and anxiety that can come with visiting the dentist and we work hard to give you a positive dental experience. We treat each patient as if they were family and strive to gain your trust and loyalty. Let us transform your perception of a dental appointment for the better with our quality dentistry, warm smiles and knowledgeable staff.

Our office takes pride in building lasting relationships based on mutual trust and respect. What truly sets Dr. LaRue apart from other dentists is his caring, compassionate nature and his ability to create beautiful dentistry that lasts.

Dr. LaRue offers care for children and adults alike, to offer you a dental care home that your entire family can trust and depend on for years to come.

LaRue Family Dental is your best choice for your dental needs. Our patients leave the office with better oral health and an improved overall appearance.

If you want to know more about the exceptional dental experience that we offer, please call us at (412) 422-5150 or visit our office, located at 4351 Murray Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15217.

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